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Ephedrine Banned in NFL

Just found out that as of July 1st, NFL players will be suspended for 4 games if the substance is found in their system. Could this be due to the recent death of a Mr. Cory Stringer??? Who knows for sure.
Does anyone have any personal stories (positive/negative) in regards to use of this substance?
Do you think that the NFL is making the right call here? I tend to think that there are many players that will be affected by this new rule.

Proceed with the rant…

Although I love lifting while using ephedrine/ephedra, and find it essential to a serious cutting cycle, I have to admit I was on a hefty dose of Ultimate Orange during a Mag-10 cycle last Dec when I ruptured my lower biceps tendon. It can give you neuro/mental strength that exceeds your physical strength which I found can lead to injuries if not careful. I’ll still use it but realize I’m no longer bullet proof. I’m guessing the NFL is banning it in reaction to wrongful death lawsuits.

I take 250mg before each hockey game, really adds a little oomph.

What happend to Ultimate Orange? I hadnt bought any in a while(two years) and went to look for some and they said they cant order anymore? Something about giving people heart trouble? (at GNC)

I haven’t bought any since last fall and quit using it after my injury in Dec. I still have 1/2 can left. I loved that stuff but haven’t been using it because I’ve been on a cutting cycle most of the spring and don’t use it cutting due to all the carbs. If it’s no longer available, I’m bummed. That was great stuff. Never gave me heart trouble - my heart seemed to work great after a big dose.

Wasn’t Cory Stringer fat, out of shape, overheated and dehydrated? Oh, it must have been the ephedra though! Reminds me of those kids who take 10 times the recommended dose then drink alcohol, then pop X. They get sick. Must be the ephedra (not the fact that they’re stupid and irresponsible.) Aspirin can kill you too in the right amount! I hate this media hyped war on a good fat burner.