Ephedrine Ban Stopped?

I read in USA Today that Bush pissed off all the lobbyists that have been calling for an Ephedrine ban. He sent all their documentation back and said that he wanted more research to prove that the supplement is harmful. In other words, no ban is forthcoming. Am I reading this correctly, and if so, will Biotest stand down on their plans to do away with MD-6?

From what I understand, the reason that some companies are now really pushing ephedrine-free products is because the insurance costs have sky-rocketed. This is most likely the reason that Biotest and others have decided to scrap their products containing ephedrine. Those companies that don’t make me wonder as to whether or not they have insurance, which in turn is a sign that they are not as legit as they claim.

The entire story is on msnbc.com under their health section. So what’s up, is Biotest going to still produce MD6?

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