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Ephedrine at Gas Station


Hey guys,

I just got some gas at a gas station that reopened the store part after being closed for about 1.5 years. Inside they were cleaning out the closed and came across a case of ephedrine while I was there..Im not sure if this stuff is any good but I bought the case of 300 pills for 10 bucks. The active ingredients are as follows.

ephedrine HCI 25mg
guaifenesin 200mg

is this stuff any good or junk?

If it is any good, what would be the best way to cycle it? Thanks for the help..


Let me guess, You bought out the last supply of the Mini-Thins??? I believe those had an expiration date... Little pink bottles, right?


nope they are called "MINI ephedrine" put out by BDI marketing, they came in little blue packets with 6 tablets in each


I use those. I like them too. They are still sold here at all gas stations.


Good yes, never have been banned.


They have those where I live ( south Fl. ) but they're more for breathing or something to that extent.


Along with that, the guaifenesin is an expectorant. That means it helps release and remove phlegm from the airway. That is why it is sold as a breathing aid.


What would be the best way to take these to burn fat? should it be stacked with caffeine? or just taken alone?


Tape a long curved stick to your back and hang a pill from a string in front of you just out of arms length.

Then go run and try to grab the pill.


sounds good , thanks..


25mg Eph tablet, 250 mg caffeine, and 300mg aspririn. Although some think the Aspirin is useless without explaining what its supposed to do, if you tollerate it, take some.

Aspirin unforuntely gives me hives, any pressure point like where a belt might rub on my waste, I get a fookin big welt when on Aspirin.




The aspirin does not aid in thermogenesis.


I have heard people at the gym say to pass on the aspirin , some say only the obese need it and others say it doesnt work if you don't include it..I have yet to get a clear answer. I guess I will cross that bridge when I eventually decide to lower my BF% again .


I will probably try that route as I have never tried ephedrine before and seeing how 1 Spike tablet sends me into a frenzy..


I thought the aspirin thinned the blood to make the E and C work for longer. maybe improve the half life or slow the effects or something.

then again, this was an anecdote I picked up from god knows where and may be along the lines of stoner mythology,

ie, "dude, weed speeds up your metabolism and thats why you get the munchies" and "pot is a healing drug, man, boosts your immune system"

jesus you hear some stupid shit when you smoke. if i could only remember some good ones lol . . .


You don't necessarily feel more jazzed up by adding aspirin.

Supposedly and in pretty basic terms the salycilate (aspirin) is supposed to inhibit the negative feedback loop that would reduce beta agonist production.

It inhibits prostaglandin production and lengthens the effects.

It's not supposed to increase the thermogenic action (elevate temp) or provide more stimulatory effect, just prolong it a bit more.

Caffeines role amongst other things increase cAMP levels can be prolonged too by the use of processed grapefruit extract 'naragenin' which slow the rate that the hepatic system converts caffeine to para-xanthine.


Some of the original evidence to suggest aspirin was beneficial to those with heart and circulation probs were attributed to the magnesium base the aspirin was contained in.