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ephedrine as a partitioning agent

I’ve posted this before, but never got any replies. Whats the lastest on using ephedrine as a nutrient partitioning agent? Last I heard, about 5 years ago it cripples the formation of fat, but may reduce insulin sensitivity - no worries, MD6 has ALA to stop just that. I’m on a bulking cycle of MAG- 10, and would rather not gain too much extra lard if I can help it (I take the eating recommendations very seriously…). Cheers.

Ephedrine is supposed to help you keep from losing some of your hard earned muscle while dieting. From my personal experience it makes me dehydrated, weak, and can make me feel overtrained. I would take half the dosage or your muscle might come off quick. Remember, dehydration is one of the best signs that your body is in a catabolic state.

I left out the fact that it is great for it’s fat burning effects. There is probably nothing better thats legal for losing weight. But you’re going to lose some muscle, just not as much as you would without the ephedrine.