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Ephedrine Anger Advice?


Hi guys I am new here and was hoping you could give me a little advice. I want to start taking ephedrine again. I suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome and astma, and a severe addiction to sugar. I have found ephedrine 30 mg with a 100 mg x 2 a day great as a treatment to all my ailments and I can even do some moderate workouts so yeah, physically ephedrine suits me great,

BUT i get so bloody angry on it, like i wanna kill everyone at the slightest thing, and living a highly stressful life style does not combine well. This is why I gave it up after 2 weeks last time, but without it I cant shift the weight i need to nor can I breathe well at all! So does anyone know of a good (and safe) supplement I can take along side it which may help my anger issue?? thanks in advance :slight_smile:


with 100 mg caffeine x 2 a day, that was supposed to say :confused:


Ephedrine is definitely not the answer then.

Then don’t take it.

Get your sugar addiction under control-- and definitely don’t replace it with another drug that you have to have because you don’t have any discipline to have control over your own choices. The other thing is addressing your chronic fatigue syndrome. See a doctor and/or find a healthier way of addressing this. Pounding more stimulants into your body is not doing anything to help yourself.


Try herbal Adderall get on amazon its forskolin and artichoke extract, all the psychological and energy benefits from stimulants, dosent raise blood pressure or pulse improve focus.


thanks but have already seen many doctors many times, they wont do anything for me, in fact some doctors prescribe the same drug as used to treat adhd and autism (adderal) which is very similar to speed - so I think i would rather take ephedrine!


that sounds interesting strongmanjoe, thank you, i am in the uk so couldn’t find hebal adderall but i found a product called, ciltep which has the ingredients you describe, the thing is, i need to loose the appetite too though… any suggestions on that one??


Its not called herbal Adderall just punch it in amazon in it list products oh it isn’t remotely as strong. You live in first world country they should have a hundred pre workouts. I used to love ephedrine preworkout but in the states we have a horrible meth problem, so it availability is restricted as it is a ingredient to make meth. A went to an all you can eat buffet in july , just watching a bunch of obese people scarf down food like hogs, made easy for me to lose 12 pounds in a month.


Switching to coffee might help but it does not work as well. Honesty there is no anger in you that you are not able to control. But if it even pushes you to the edge, you need to stop doing it. Work on the anger control, Deep breathing meditation. And good lord get off the sugar. Do it slow but do it. Gain control over your own body and mind. I really don’t think any stimulant is going to be as effective and safe as ephedrine. They are all addicting, so you want the safest and easiest to get off (caffeine followed be ephedrine) of or none at all