Ephedrine and Drug Testing

Hello all first time poster. I am thinking of running a PH cycle (I know run the real stuff). The PH would be finaflex 550 XD Black(Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 50 mg 83% FINAFLEX 550-XDâ?¢ 3b-enanthoxy-19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one, Bergamottin, Naringin, â? Arimistaneâ?¢ (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) 170 mg ** Liver Detox N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle Extract (4:1)(seed) 330 mg **) along with an ECA stack @65mg of ephedrine per dose. I would be taking one dose per day.

I also would be running Adex as I am prone to gyno @ .25 EOD and Nolva as my PCT. My question is I will be getting drug testing some time in the November range. This test does not test for steroids or testosterone but it does test for methamphetamine/amphetamine @ 300ng/ml. I would be doing this cycle for about 8 Weeks starting Monday. The cycle would be laid out like this:

Week 1: 65mg ephedrine ED
Week 2: 550 XD 2 tabs pre workout 1 @night
Weeks 3-6: 550 XD 2 tabs pre workout 1 @ night plus 65mg ephedrine once daily
Week 7: 550 XD 2 tabs pre workout 1
Week8: 550 XD 2 tabs pre workout 1 @ night plus 65mg ephedrine once daily
PCT for 4 weeks

I would be done with the cycle in its entirety in October including the PCT. Would I be ok to pass this drug test? I have read detection time for methamphetamine/amphetamine is 2-5 days so I would imagine I would be fine but I just wanted to see if I was off base by this. THANKS!

Would ephedrine even show up in an amphetamine drug test? I thought it was just banned for OTC sales, not actually considered a controlled substance.

I have ran several ECA stacks and recently a friend of mine decided he would try one too.

He is rather high up in british rail which is rather keen on drug testing its employees and so he did a bit of reading up on testing and the such and even made a phone call to FRANK(UK drug advice line) to ask their professional opinion. From what I can remember him telling me it will show up as an amphetamine in your system and he would get the sack. With a piss test it should be out of your system within 2-3 days. Blood test may show it up for longer.

Just out of wonder is this your first Ephedrine stack?

Whacking 64g of it along side 200g of caffein if you are a first time user will probably be a bit much from my experience. Then again if its not and you’re used to it and thats what works for you then fair enough.

I have always tapered my ephedrine use up and down to allow me to get used to it, taking it three times a day to stop the crash that I usually get 4 -6 hours after taking it. Also tapering off allows me to get used to having an appetite again so I don’t just binge eat straight away.

Another thing after reading a few studies about it I knocked the aspirin on the head, I will try and find it but there was a study posted up on the T-Nation articles showing that the aspirin had no additional recorded affect on the ephedrine stack. It was just one study I saw but in all honesty I was a bit dubious about the reasoning behind taking it and cant see its possible side effects (stomach ulcers, bleeding etc etc) being outweighed by any noticeable positives.

Again if you are an avid user of ephedrine then I apologise for my ‘egg sucking’ reply. Just thought might be helpful if not :slight_smile: Also hope my friends experience with drug testing is of some use to you.

Thanks for the replies.

@warlock This is not my first run with ECA and I have used this dosing with great success in the past but I thank you for your input. I am not sure if this test is blood or urine but I imagine it is either urine or hair b/c of the cost of blood testing and the number of people that will need to be drug tested. I have read the detection time is 2-5 days so I think that I would be safe given a 2 weeks off of ECA. As for the asprin I agree it isn’t necessary however I am dealing with some nagging injuries so I don’t mind taking it to reduce those pains.

@VT I can purchase ephedrine legally (I think) through my local supplement store but it still can create false positives. I am not sure if I disclose that I am taking an over the counter ephedrine supplement if that would cover my butt if I pop up as a positive. I honestly am not sure how that works.

Anyone with any experience in this area who could shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated. This is for a PD drug test if that helps at all.

Well where im from in the midwest it cant be purchased OTC except in very small volumes bunch of meth junkies round these parts. It should not create a false positive Ive known people to take it and piss clean. You do not need to disclose you are taking it most times a medical doctor reviews it and will call you first if any abnormalities are present.

There is a sheet provided during the drug test which it states you must list everything you are taking whether prescribed or not. As the ephedrine being available OTC I am living in the northeast where meth is not really a big issue at least to my knowledge.

I honestly do not know if this supplement store is doing something illegal by selling it OTC the way they do or if it is one of these “grey” issues. Thanks for the replies.

there’s ephedrine in loads of different cough medicines. Shit’s not illegal, I don’t see why it would be a problem.

Tell them you had a cold.

That is what I was thinking of. I was going to say I was taking either Bronchaid or Clariten 24hr.