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Ephedrine and Creatine Combined


Any try this? thoughts? I'm planning on trying it for one week, just wanted some feedback


I dont think this is a good idea. I dont know if Ephedrine is the same as ephedra, but this is how the Vikings Guy died last year.



really not quite that simple jmac...

as far as 'combining' creatine and ephedrine, it's not like there's a synergistic effect or anything...one supplement has nothing to do with the other...you don't need to consider this some kind of experiment...many people use creatine year round, and ephedrine during certain periods...if you want to do it and tolerate ephedrine well, go ahead


What in gods name are you talking about? Ephedra and Creatine serve two seperate purposes and are not synergystically related at all!

Creatine, which once in the system is stored as Creatine Phosphate (a substance your body has a limited supply of, regardless of wether or not you are supping), Bonds with the "waste" of ATP after releasing energy: ADP (adenosine di-phosphate) (sp?), to form ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). ATP as you all know is the basic fuel for muscle cells during a rapid contraction (i.e strength movements, explosive sport specific movements, basicially anaerobic heavy sports, contractions seconds at most). Supplementing with creatine will replenish and keep your Creatine phosphate (also known as phosphocreatine) levels high making it readily available to be released as fuel (again by combining with ADP) for muscle contractions. Yes it is a bit more complex then that, but in Lay terms this is as good as I could explain it.

Ephedra on the other hand, is made from herbs; ma huang, etc... and acts to stimulate the heart and body as a whole, including the brain (i.e. CNS stimulation). While i'm not going to get into the science behind it, side effects included high blood-pressure, elevated risk of stroke, etc...

That vikings lineman died last year because he was taking high dosages of ephedra even though he had been diagnosed as hypertensive (high blood pressure), he was dehydrated, and subsuqently walked himself into a heatstroke. Not to mention the initial strain of carrying 300 pounds.

As sorry as I feel for him, being a football player, he was asking for it.

Back to the original statemnt. Ephedra is it's own drug with it's own health risks. I have never seen a study conducted where the added supplementation of creatine has heightened the risk or facilitated in the cause of an ephedra induced health problems.


Sorry, i miss read something my team doctor said, he said dont take Creatine with Andro and Ephedra. My bad


Ephedrine is fine.I use it and my clients still use it.Used it for 16 years no problems.Creatine works great as well.Dont buy into the media crap about E or C.Both good,both safe.


I concur with the rest. If you are expecting somthing explosive, prepared to be disappointed.