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Ephedrine and Acne


For those that have used Ephedrine did it cause acne breakouts? I have read on a few forums that people have broken out. Is it possible? What would cause this?


Not here. No idea what would cause that.


Not heard of it causing that mate, try some pantothenic acid and see if that will help clear it up.


It is not anything bad. It is just that I have not had any type of breakout for quite some time. The only things I have added areEphedrine and more caffeine. Could it be the higher amounts of caffeine? I have drank diet soda with no problem.


Diet soda is like a toxic sludge in my opinion. i would ditch that to clear your face up


I meant I have always drank diet soda with no problems. However, the caffeine in that does not compare to the amount taken with ephedrine. So I was wondering if my higher intake of caffeine is the cause. I believe I read caffiene raises IGF-1.


the toxic sludge comment on soda isnt about the caffine, its about all the other shit in it.