Has anyone heard of this stuff? I heard its going off the market?? Is it any good???

Its not going to be taken off the market. I think thats just marketing to create a sense of urgency.I bought Ephedrasil last month when I was doing some research on mood enhancement/nootropic ingredients last month. It’s a solid product. Hits you real good. A little bit harder than your more common products liek xenadrine. Even their “Hardcore” versions whicha are a bit bogus if you ask me. The appetite suppression is extremely good.

The only thing downsides are: 1. The pricetag ($117) 2. It has Valerian Root? Diet pills are supposed to speed you up. Valerian Root slows you down. I guess its in the formula so you get a surge of energy without feeling jittery (which this product did). It definately makes you feel good. You get a fuzzy buzz and are more social. Kind of like if you took the ECA stack with some phenibut.

But I still think Spike (version with caffeine) stacked with Power Drive makes you feel just as good. I give Ephedrasil two thumbs up if you can afford it. It might be the most effective ephedra-free diet pill I’ve used but again… its very expensive. I think you’ll get jsut as much bang for your buck with HOT-ROX Extreme.