I was driving around today when I saw a Vitamin shop, so I stopped in and noticed that they were stocked up full of Ephedra (Ephedra Sinica 375 Mg. Per Cap). Being that it was pretty cheap, I bought one; however, I have never taken this supplement before, and I’m a little bit hesitant. I’ve been reading up on ephedra for the past couple of months because as of now I am in my bulking stage of working out, so, I figured that I needed a good supplement to cut the fat when its due time. My question is, is it better to take ephedra in a stack, or in a product like Diet Fuel or Ripped Fuel, or is it okay to just take it by itself?

I’d drop the money for some Hot Rox, but believe me, I’m in college, so money is a real issue.

It depends on how much of the extract the ephedra (alkoids, the stuff that actually works) is in the product you bought. This is why I feel the ephedrin HCL ( synthetic, cheap, acurate amounts, not banned) is much better/easier to supplement.

As far as a dose I use 25mg a day. Stack it with caffeine and if you like asprin.

You need to read the bottle and find out what is in it though as far as %'s


The only thing the bottle says is that it has 375 mg’s of “Ephedra (Ephedra sinica) (aerial)”. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell me how much of the alkoids are in it.

Unfortunately, the bottle only tells me that it contains 375 mg’s of “Ephedra (Ephedra Sinaca) (Aerial)”. This is the exact bottle I bought

I’m trying to figure out what the alkaloid percentage would be, but I’m having a tough time looking around on the net for any straight facts.

If this helps at all. I found an old bottle I have of ephedra that is 315.5 mg and it has 25 mg alkoids.

That really doesnt tell you much about yours but might give you an area to shoot for. So I would try 3 of them a day.

Does the bottle have a dose on it?


Ok after it says “Ephedra Sinica 375 Mg. Per Cap” It should say something like “standardized at 6%” or something similar to that. What you do is take 375 and multiply it by the percentage used, is this case .06. That would give you 22.5mgs of Ephedra alkaloids. That’s how you figure out how many milligrams of Ephedra alkoids per serving.
Ephedrine is far more thermogenic when taken with caffeine. Is studies, Aspirin has not increased the thermogenic effect of this stack. A typical ECA stack should contain 20-25mgs of Ephedra and 200mgs caffeine. Do not try more than this as you don’t know your tolerance yet, in fact…start lower just so you don’t overstimulate yourself.
This still is one of the best fat loss supplements

Nice way to cvr all the bases Tren. Solid post.


The bottle says to take one pill twice daily…

Also, It doesn’t say anywhere what percent it is standardized…I’ve scoured the bottle a ton today and I’ve found nothing. This sucks because now I’m going to have to guess my dosage and I’m already nervous since I haven’t taken it before.

dosing on most all supps is in the low/very safe range. I would start @ what they suggest. The 25mg ephedrin hcl I use says up to 4 a day and I use no more than three. It does the trick. Go with the two a day, see how you feel, and after that is gone go for a better brand.

Once again I suggest Ephedrine Hcl, then you know how much you are getting.


I did a google search and found the information on The Better Health Store.com. Following the information on the links provided there, there is 7.5mg alkaloids per capsule. This comes directly from the supplement facts on the label.

Thanks for all your help so far everyone. Madman, thanks for that webpage, especially, however, my label honestly tells nothing about the alkaloid content at all. I’m still in search of finding cheap ephedra supplements online though, so if anyone could point me in any direction with any suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again,

dude you got ripped.
same thing happened in NZ when Sida cordifolia (similar to ephedra) got banned. they kept selling it but instead of 5% it was .05%.
you pretty much had to swallow the whole bottle to get an effect. did they drop the price? Hell no!

Glad to be of help. Depending on your location, you may have gotten some of the last that will be available on the U.S. market, as such certain Quality Control issues may be lessened, just to move the last of the stock out the door. Or it could simply be a misprinted label.