The bottle says three a day, I took two in the early morning and two after lunch, second weekly cycle (one on and one off) and developed sinus difficulties. Sparing the gory details, is this new pain in the ass more likely related to the Ephedra or the colds my kids like to share? This does not feel like the same thing. Otherwise I like the stuff, great appetite suppresent.


How many mgs? Also, keep in mind that ephedra (ephedrine actually) was used in sinus medications for years. I think it still is, not sure after all the ephedrine scares. In fact, I used to buy different “nasal decongestants” just for the pre-workout buzz.

That would be 30 mgs ephedrine in the morning and again in the afternoon. Yeah, I was aware of the sudefed etc. connection and that was caused me to wonder if others had had similar experiences.