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I've been taking Ephedra pretty regularly, although not every day (maybe every third or fourth day, and only in the mornings before a workout, along with Yohimbe.) Lately, I've noticed my heart racing a bit while working out. The other day I actually had to stop the sets I was doing for fear I was gonna keel over. Should I be concerned?


Try working out without it for a couple of weeks.


Ephedra will give you the shakes and the racing heart. almost everyone on here says that hot rox stuff is the best out there. I haven't tried it yet though. But if you dont like the feeling stop taking the stuff, your body will eventually get used to it and wont work at all eventually.


cm00, ephedra and yohimbe can be a powerful combination. It doesn't surprise me. It might be a good idea to save ephedra for your workouts and save the yohimbe for all other times. Separate the two by 12 hours.

Remember on the yohimbe, thought, that it is only effective on a carb restricted diet. Yohimbe will mobilize fat. If you take it around the time of a high-carb meal, one the elicits an insulin response, you'll only re-store the fat you mobilized.

But as far as the dosage goes, I'd recommend you do a search on yohimbe/yohimbine. The correct dosage (based on TBW) has been discussed in articles gone by.

Separating the two should fix your problem. If not you're going to have to experiment to find a dosage your body can handle.

Also, caffeine intake may be too high if you drink coffee and are taking an ECA stack in addition.

Good luck to you!!!


Thanks guys. All good advice.