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Ephedra vs Ephedrine


What is the difference if any between the two? Is there a diferent process when making them? I plan on cutting in a couple weeks and am not sure which to use since there are post on a few forums and wiki(I know not the best source) that have said that Ephedrine gave them acne.


Ephedra is the plant from which Ephedrine, the fat burning compound, comes from. Think of the former as a bag of compounds of which contains Ephedrine and the latter as the compound you actually want for fat-burning.


Thanks. Any idea why it may cause acne (Ephedrine)? Would either be better in terms of Appetite control?


No idea why it causes acne in susceptible individuals, but I assure you this does not happen to everybody (in my experience, it doesn't even happen to a significant majority of people).

Maybe it could be through the transient insulin-resistant state that it puts you in, since I know many people are susceptible to insulin spikes and acne, but that is just conjecture on my part.

I would just go with Ephedrine. That is the compound that works for fat burning and does aid in appetite suppression. I do not know the other compounds in Ephedra and IMO if they are not needed I wouldn't use them.


FYI, supposedly, L-Tyrosine magnifies the energy boost from Ephedrine. I think.

I'll have to find studies of dose-to-dose relationship, e.g. more L-Tyrosine with less Ephendrine.


I was just looking into it briefly, and apparently it boosts ephedrine's effects via increased catecholamine production; which is kind of a weak argument IMO as it's just additive and not synergistic. Hopefully there is something fancier than that though (like Yohimbine's MAO inhibition or Green Tea's methyl-o-transferase inhibition; that's cool synergism).