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Ephedra Studies

Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out some here. While I was at the gym today, I came back and found all my MD-6 had been flushed down the commode, due to the fact that my mom had heard on the news that Ephedra wasn’t safe. Needless to say, I was pissed, but I decided to approach this the right way, and get some studies, and show her where it has been scientifically tested and proven safe when used in correct dosages. I can handle if they’re fairly complex, I’m going to translate them into mom speak before I turn her loose with them anyway. I just wondered if anyone had anything that might prove it’s safe for human usage, other than anecdotal evidence. Thanks in advance.


Bro, better hurry up and hide your protein powder and creatine before your mom hears about how these will “destroy your kidneys”. The real deal on all this hysteria is that the medical establishment hates not having control over supplements, so they put out a lot of anecdotal reports about all supplements. As far as ephedrine goes, you can research the issue at www.fda.gov.

Go to thepowerstore.com and email or call them and ask for a copy of "Consumers Guide to Losing Fat and Increasing Energy with Ephedra. David Greenwalt put it together and it is a good booklet that cites several studies and sources relating to the safety and efficacy of ephedra.

You could always take her “Kashi Go Lean” cereal out of the cabinet, pour it down the shitter, and present her with the myriad of studies that show how much soy sucks. Then, have her write you a check to reimburse you for the MD6. Then again, she might throw you out or make you feel really guilty about all the stuff she’s paid for over the years. Your best bet is to just keep everything other than multivitamins somewhere that she won’t find it, lest you have to explain it to her.