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Ephedra Rant

Is anyone else suspicious as the the reliability of the anti ephedra statistics? I keep reading that the majority of the serious side effects are reported in women under 30. A demographic which is notorious for abusing diet aids. My neighbor told me she exceeds the recommended dosage on her thermogenic booster by as much as double! In addition, she takes adipex, sleeping pills, meridia, etc., and she isn’t even overweight. I of course have been made to promise not to tell her husband. My point being, have any of these studies looked into the fact that alot of these people who report side effects may not be using it as recommended, that they may be mixing it with god only knows what, that young women who are using diet aids in the first place generally don’t follow the directions, and also LIE about it. Hello, alot of anorexics/bulimics abuse laxatives, it isn’t like they are going to admit to it to anyone who asks. Anyway, statistics are pretty easily manipulated and I think this ephedra business is bullshit. There is a certain irony to the fact that I could score an eight ball before leaving the gym but I can’t buy a supplement that may or may not have side effects when not used properly. At least I got to enjoy my one and only bottle of MD-6.