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Ephedra Question


I've been reading here for the better part of three years. One thing that I have NEVER understood is the following: Ephedra/Ephedrine. Same thing? Different? One is for the bronchii of people with asthma? Is that just a good benefit of also taking it?

Reason I ask is because I am interested in a Caffeine/Ephedra stack, because HOT-ROX is out. I know its a 1:20 ratio of Ephedra to Caffeine. There is also a 100g per day max on Ephedra?

The real question is this: When ordering, do I just want to buy 25g tabs of ephedrine? They are like 8 bucks. Do I want to get the "Stacker 2" stuff that comes with 4 variations of caffeine and like 24g of ephedra? I know synephrine never really panned out in humans either.

So, a lot here, but I am also really confused as to what to buy. Would No-Doze work, or is there better forms of caffeine out there? I know to ramp up on consumption just like any controlled substance.

Any insights of what I just wrote would be appreciated.



Ephedra is the extract from the plant Ma Haung. Ephedrine is the pharmaceutical drug made from ephedra. It is a single compound and is still sold as a bronchiodialator. The recommended dose of ephedrine is 25mg with 200mg of caffeine. This was how many of the companies that sold this stack listed it's dosage. I you want a pure source of caffeine, look for caffeine anhydrous, usually put in certain pills like vivrin. But since you can't buy the old school stuff like xenadrine, I use 25mg. ephedrine tabs with a thermogenic with at least 200mg of carreine. It works just as good and is cheap.


so the intended fat loss protocol would be: 25mg of ephedrine with 200mg of caffeine anhydrous?

This would get the desired thermogenic effect?

And thanks for the info.


You bet. If you are tolerant to stimulants you can up the dose slightly, but do it in small amounts at a time.