Ephedra Products

I used Xenadrine RFA-1 before and it worked great. I tried the new EFX formula and it didn’t do shit!

Before April 12th rolls around I wanna get some more RFA-1 or something similar that works…any recommendations?

I’d like to attach a similar question to the thread. Am I correct that the ephedra we take is different in action from pseudo-ephedrine found in most cold remedies (Sudafed, for example)? And isn’t there some specific over the counter medication that is similar if not exactly the same as “our” ephedra? Thanks in advance.

You have got to try HOT-ROX a great product.

I take vpx clenbutrx and that stuff is intense. One serving is 3 pills I only take 1-2 at a time and I only take 2 after I have been on 1 a day for a while. I use before I go to work,loading 18 wheelers at UPS, and sometimes before my workouts. Both places it gives me quite a bit extra. The only bad thing is if you stay on it for too many consecutive days you can become adictid. So cycle it on and off wisely. Enjoy the jolt while you can.

Ephedra is obsolete! if i were you i would go for the Hot-Rox , it kick?s ass!

The VPX clenbutrx is some bad ass stuff. The last time I tried it (about 4 years ago) it came in a liquid with a syringe to measure the dose. It tasted pretty goddamn nasty though! Right now I pop a mini-thin, cup of coffee, and aspirin and am good to go. DYING to try the Hot-Rox though.

I can’t understand the obsession with Ephedra. I think it is a mediocre fat-burning agent compared to Hot-Rox and you don’t get the jitters with Hot-Rox.

correct me if I am wrong, but the EFX formula doesnt even contain ephedrine, correct? that is likely the reason it sucked.

It had ephedrine in it when I used it some 4 years or so ago. Made me jittery and sweat like a fiend but worked very well. Not sure what is in it now.

The clenbutrx I use is capsule form and if ephedra gives you the jitters you either need to lower your dosage like crazy or stop taking it all together before you hurt yourself.
I have never tried Hot-Rox. I know Biotest makes some good stuff for sure but, I just don’t really have the money. Ah oh well maybe one day I can win a contest on this site and then get some for free and can see the light.

Ephedra was never great for fat-loss. It was good at increasing training intensity.

I’ve been on Hot-Rox for 2 days, but the suggested caloric intake seems high. What do other think that have taken the product about the suggested caloric intake?

Ephedra is NOT obsolete. I hate it when Biotest use that slogan.
I used ephedra preworkout to lift heavy shit, its better than straight caffeine and PD. Yes, thats right it is better than Power Drive for lifting heavy weights.
I still used PD for water polo when i play, for better sports performance, but it isn’t in the same ball park as E/C for straight out HIIT or heavy lifting.
Still haven’t tried Hot-Rox (Holy shit it is expensive in NZ, about 30 x the price per day for what i used to pay for ephedra) so i cant comment on it.

oh and yeah the Xenedrine EFX never had ephedra only the original RFA-1 (there was an RFA-1 that had no ephedra for a while before EFX)

I’ve found Hot-Rox to work better than the ephedra products and I like how it works so well without feeling jittery. It really takes away my cravings for carbs.

A large part of ephedra’s popularity came from the fact that it was legal speed. Can’t deny that. I fell into that trap as well and overused it. But for fat loss and muscle retention, Hot-Rox is much better.

whetu pretty much summed up my thoughts. and to the people saying that ephedra is not a good fat loss product, you must be crazy or something. the classic e-c stack is one of the few products in this industry that actually does work! it works as a pre workout stimulant, a fat burner and an appetite supressant.

First off you can still get ephedrine, just in better forms that are actually higher quality, ephedrine HCL for example.
Now for the shocker: I pose to all of you, has anyone of you actually read the study done on ephedrine? If you remember Xenadrine used to always brag that they did a clinical study on ephedrine, and they did. It was done at the University of Michigan. Yes Ephedrine did work better than the placebo group, but the effects on fat loss were a lot more marginal than people made it out to be. It amounted to I think an extra 3-4lbs of fat loss over 6 weeks. It doesn’t increase resting metabolic rate enough to really cut off a ton of fat. It’s main power lied in its ability to make us work out harder and suppress our appetite. If you want the honest truth the effective supplement I have EVER USED for fat loss was 1-ad by Ergopharm. I went from a 20mm caliper reading on my umbilicus to a 12mm reading in 3 weeks using a 1800 calorie a day diet protocol, lost no size and actually put about 20lbs on my bench press. Frankly the results were amazing, and I"m sure they would’ve been with Mag-10 too. I’m going to give Hot-Rox a shot though since my bottle should be arriving today.

real ephedra was the real deal, that’s why Biotest had it in MD-6. Hot-Rox works but is really expensive. an MD-6 replacement is nutrex’s lipo-6. laters pk

Now that ephedrine is outlawed, at least for the US, this dicussion is kinda moot. And the bitter orange and synfrine (sp) replacements suck. That’s why I like Hot-rox in spite of the cost. It’s really a whole new cateogry and product type, not just an ECA stack without the E like hydroxycuts and others are now.

One of the questions I haven’t seen posed yet (which is why I’m doing it now!) regards Ma Huang. It’s the herb that is the basis for ephedrine, and has been sold by herb vendors, Asian pharmacies, etc. for decades. Will the ban knock that off the market, too?