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Ephedra on it's way out

I talked with a manager of my local GNC today who told me that they will no longer be carrying any Ephedra products by the end of June. If it isn’t dead yet it looks pretty dam terminal.

It certainly seems that way. I’ve read/heard that some companies are discontinuing production of ephedra containing fat loss products (TwinLab, EAS, etc).

I think we can all thank the media for playing on public fears. Next up, prohormones.

Well thats fine. I buy mine at the gas station.

Yes it’s already being banned in some counties of New York. At least we have Hot-Rox now and if you still like ephedra there is always the internet.

I guess it was only a matter of time…Twinlab discontinued Ripped Fuel on March 31st, and are now selling a brand new Mahuang-Free Formula, awesome isn’t it…Try netrition for your ephedra needs, I’ve bought ephedra from these guys about 2 weeks ago, and no problems…