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Ephedra Legal?


Is this for real??? I thought ephedra products were banned. I appreciate if someone could look into this and get back to me aas I am curious if I should purchase some.

Here is the info:

Yohimbe Bark Extract: 500MG
MaHuang Extract(8% Ephedra)(10mg Ephedrine Alkaloids): 125MG
Guarana (22% Caffeine)(33mg Caffeine): 150MG
Willow Bark: 100MG
Caffeine: 100MG
Cayenne: 100MG
Ginger Root: 100MG


From what I heard they were un-banned, but there were some kind of stipulation with the amount that can be in the product.

I'm not sure, but I think they weren't close to allowing the same amount that was commonly used, but I can be mistaken.


Yes, its no longer banned, but is is restricted to 10 mg per capsule until the FDA decides what to do. I haven't seen it in any stores yet, just on the internet and was kind of curious as to who would carry it.


i ahve seen it at many truckstps and 7-11's, i heard something along the lines of you can buy if it being sold as a asthma remedie, but not for weight loss.


holy crap i cannot spell


yes, ephedrine HCL is legal and is usually mixed with some kind of decongestant or something.

I was using those pills along with caffine pills for a long time with great results.

I still have some bottles.


Just admit it ,you still use the stuff!! Lol. As long as you keep it low you're good to go!


C'mon bro...

Let see...buy some Primatene, some Sudafed or Dimetapp, and some Vivarin. What else can you ask for...?


How bout some clenbuterol while your at it hehe.


thanks a bunch guys. Its great to get good replies. I guess I should buy some then...


I actually know of a site selling the old ripped fuel that had ephedra in it if anyone wants the address PM me. I wish I could take the stuff, but I'm on HOT-ROX right now. I miss the huge energy boost of ephedra, but i know the results will be a lot better with HOT-ROX.


Search the 'net for Vasopro.


That's the name of what I got. I forgot what it was.

Good stuff.

I'm going to try HOT-ROX next time I'm close to finishing a cutting cycle (might be a while though) and compare.

I never tried the newer formula of HOT-ROX.


HOT-ROX actually works? Lmao.


You must mean Minithins


Yeah most your discount supplement stores on the net sell it,usually comes in 25mg tablets. You can get a couple boxes of that and a bottle of caffeine tablets for like under 25 bucks most places.I take two of each in the morning and am usually pretty good to go for the rest of the days.

Works for the energy boost just as well as the old fat burners.


Guys, don't screw around with vasopro and all that bronchial crap.... there is absolutely no shortage of ephedra out there. That Sci-Fit is a ripoff in price for what you're getting if you do the math. Just search...Zenalean is a product that is identical to Xenadrine RFA.... 25 mg per 2 capsule serving and everything. Stacker 2 and 3 seems to be easier to find now than it was before! My shelf currently has Spirosome, Stacker 2 and 3, Sci fit Tricuts...... and many more. Just search, and you will find.


Put the HOT-ROX in a cabinet. Go get some ephedrine.


What "bronchial crap" is in vasopro?

Guaifenesin is an expectorant. It loosens phlegm and increases the lubrication of your lungs allowing for a productive cough and decreased chest congestion.

It is also used to reduce chest congestion caused by the common cold, infections, or allergies.

Okay, a little of that was plagiarized, but the bronchial dilator in vasopro IS the ephedrine.


hey guys im in the uk, been searching for a place to get an ephedra burner but no luck......ne1 knw of ne uk suppliers? i searched for all the mentioned brands

thanx in advance