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ephedra-free thermogenic stack


MD6 is a good fat burning/thermogenic product. But for
those people (like me) who can't tolerate any type of
ephedra product, here is a good ephedra-free thermogenic

200mg caffeine

5mg yohimbine

1000mg acetyl-L-carnitine

250mg l-tyrosine

15mg guggel

200mg alpha lipoic acid

This formula basically replaces the norephedrine in
MD6 with acetyl-L-carnitine, which has been shown
to increase metobolic rate specifically of burning *fat*
for cellular fuel. When I was cutting up early in the
summer, I found taking one 'dose" of this stack first thing
in the morning, and another in the afternoon to be a very
effective for increasing fat loss (in conjunction with a
proper diet, of course).