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Ephedra Formulation...

I recently went to Hawaii for vacation and saw some local store that was selling Ephedra for very cheap. I passed on the opportunity to buy, as I have heard that many simply aren’t worht the money. What are your opinions on the ingredients in this particular product?

1 capsule


Ma-Huang (8%) 250
Kola Nut (25%) 125
Black Walnut Leaf 30
Ginger Root 30
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf 30
White Willow Bark 30
Magnesium Oxide 25
Caffeine Anhydrous 13
Beet Root 3
Bladderwack 3
Fo-Ti Root 3
Gotu Kola 3
Hawthorne Berries Extract 3
Saw Palmetto 3
Chromium Picolinate 250 mcg
Boron Tribalent 25 mcg

Get yourself some caffeine Anhydrous and some Ephedrine HCL. You can still get the HCL in cold medicines. Vasopro is a good example.
12-24mg of that with 100-200mg of caffeine with aspirin if you want. I’d start on the low end and assess your tolerance. I have yet to try this yet though. I’m hyper enough without ephedrine.

You can get ephedrine hcl (still legal) off the net for around $7 bottle (60 tabs x 25mg)

I’m not planning on taking any Ephedra any time soon as it is illegal in NCAA. I was just wondering what this formulation compared to others, as many friends of mine don’t do organized sports.