ephedra debate

OK, I know we are all pissed that the FDA is starting to intrude on our rights, and I know we have dicussed this before, but I saw something this morning on CNN.com that just pissed me off more than usual. It was a story on acetaminophen and how there are more than 56,000 emergency room visits a year are due to acetaminophen overdoses, and about 100 people a year die after unintentionally taking too much, according to Food and Drug Administration estimates. I checked the FDA website and it states that they based the decision to ban Ephedra on 16,000 case reports, which identified “two deaths, four myocardial infarctions, nine cerebrovascular accidents, one seizure, and five psychiatric cases” and mention the death of the Baltimore Orioles pitcher a couple of times. So I guess that as long as a drug does not kill someone famous, then it can kill over 100 people a year and not be a problem.

I think I was watching something like CSI the other night (just surfing) and they had already written this into their story. Its like the media just has one more think to demonize. Why don’t they ban smoking instead? It’s the #1 cause of heart disease and cancer causing one heck of a lot more deaths then a few people missusing ephedra. Not only are there more deaths caused by smoking and also Obesity - the one reason most people use ephedra, the cost to the health care system is much greater then that of ephedra. Sometimes this world is just totally screwed up!

I remeber reading an article that stated more people die each year from aspirin and peanuts (allergies) than ephedra.

Prisoner#22 - I agree, but ephedra doesn’t contribute to tax dollars like cigarettes or alcohol do.

In my opinion, the FDA is simply banning the substance because of the wave of bad press. Obviously the tobacco industry could use a kick out the door, but not only would that anger many more people, the government would lose a large stream of their revenue.

Don’t think for a minute the government has your best interests in mind.

More people died from asprin this week than died from ephedra in the last ten years.

A lot less people use ephedra than asprin, too, though.

Dan “Devil’s Advocate” McVicker

I have a conspiracy theory. Could it be possible the govt made a final decision on attacking ephedra due to the large increase in meth production and distrobution?


I thin ephedra was #23 on the list of supps for emergency room visits. Apsirin, Ibuprofen, and Acetamedifen are the top 3.

Just a theory, but watch and see if in a year or two if a major drug company comes out with a prescription weight loss product that includes…epherda.