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ephedra cycleing

Okay, RS. What’s this with my name? First it was Tampa-Terry, which got shortened to Tampa-T, which then got shortened to TT and now just T? Heck, there’s not going to be much of me left at this rate! (grin)

Looks like a plan. Since you have concerns about the MD6, why don’t you take it AFTER your cardio? You’d have the best of all worlds. You could still have a cup of coffee before you go work out, with Splenda, say. Do a search on HIIT. The bottom line is it burns more fat.

I know you’re going to be operating with a 750 calorie deficit, but work out as hard as you are able. I might not say that if you didn’t have androgenic help, but you do. I’m not familiar with 1-TU. Is it LBM protective?

'Bout the only other thing I would recommend would be a round of Tribex and M when you go off the 1-TU if it suppresses testosterone to any degree. Heck, even if it doesn’t, it would help with endocrine recovery.

Other than that, it looks like a good plan. Let us know how it goes.