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ephedra cycleing

Sounds good actually…hmmmmm. 30 minutes of cardio in a fasted state though? I think I might want to get used to the ephedra before I run my heart rate up a whole lot. This MD6 is so friggin strong! I have decided that until further notice I am only taking the lowest dose. I just took the 1-TU and it actually seemed to help curb the overly stimulateing effect of the MD6. This really should be in the drugs forum… Ok, so this is what I think I’ll do. Light cardio/circuit training in the morning. In the evening my heavier mass building work though taking it a bit easy since I’ll be underfeeding 750 calories. I’ll do this for two weeks while on the MD6 and 1-TU (two days on, one day off). Then when two weeks comes around and the 1-TU is rolling I’ll go back to building twice a day morning and night for two more weeks while over feeding 750. Lastly I’ll stop the 1-TU but continue the MD6 for two more weeks while in a sort of recovery/building phase. I could double the amount of mass building time to four weeks if I decide to and make the whole process last 8 instead of 6 weeks. I do not need a food log since I pre-prepare my food nightly into usually 3 portions that can be split into two for a total of six meals. I am fairly aware of what I need to eat and do not need the long standing record to compare what is working and what isn’t since I’ve already done that. What do you think?