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ephedra cycleing

Okay. We’ve clarified the issue. It’s not a case of “either or.” You want BOTH; both fat loss and muscle, that is. (grin)

I’ll give you my thoughts on the subject, but I’d also like to see you open it up for discussion on the Steroid forum.

I know that with androgenic help it’s much more likely that you can do both; i.e., put on muscle and drop BF. And you don’t have a lot to lose. 7.4 lbs of fat loss would put you at 6%. Since you’re willing to dedicate 6-8 weeks to this process, I’d love to see you focus on your first goal (dropping BF to 6%) and then bulking.

So here’s what I would suggest. Work out like a fiend (two days on, one day off, alternating), do cardio every day in a fasted state (30 minutes of HIIT). And cut calories by about 750 calories. You DO keep a food log, don’t you? (grin) There’s no doubt in my mind that you’d still put on some muscle, and it couldn’t take much more than one month, leaving you another four weeks to bulk. At this point you’d continue to work out hard, eliminating the cardio and increasing your calories to 750 calories ABOVE maintenance. With Mag-10, you’re supposed to take in at least 1,000 calories above maintenance (2g of protein per pound of LBM and 3g of carbs per pound of LBM).

What do you think?