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ephedra cycleing

I’m going to use 1-TU from Nutrex. I was going to use MAG10 but I’ve read some info stateing it is a “drier” mass builder. I’m going to start off with a mid dose of either 3 three times per day or 4 two times per day. The object is to keep over all weight while decreaseing BF%. I think I can keep my over all weight and probably loose 3-4%. I am at about 10% and 185 lbs. If I end up at 6 or 7% and 180-185lbs I’ll be happy. I’ve noticed that my body really wants to maintain a specific weight whether it is fat or muscle so this plan seems very plausable to me. I am not cutting calories much. Right now I eat between 3400 and 4200. The lowest I’ll go is 3000 at any given time. I’ve had better luck cutting from 20% down to 10% with lifting and producing more muscle to burn those calories, than cutting calories themselves. In a perfect world I could gain enough muscle to take what fat I have and turn it down to 7% BF by gaining lean mass only. But I don’t think that is realistic. Even though I am a decent gainer fat seems much easier to get rid of than building muscle. This cycle, eating plan, training regimine, and after cycle recovery phase will last 6-8 weeks total. Then I am back to building slow and smooth.