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ephedra cycleing

RS, you were asking about your metabolism slowing down, thus whether you should cycle or not. Ephedrine works by stimulating BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). As long as it would stimulate BAT, there would be a net increase in metabolic rate. And yes, if you cycle off, there will be a decrease. But it should be a decrease back to normal/baseline. The reason for cycling off is that Ephedrine is really hard on the adrenals, and you need to allow them to rest/recuperate/restore. It doesn’t matter how you cycle, five days on, weekends off, used on workout days and not used on non-workout days. You’ll be fine.

Whether Ephedrine is catabolic or not, it does stress the body to some degree, but working out stresses the body, not getting enough sleep stresses the body. Heck, even girlfriends stress the body!(grin) Just make sure you’re getting enough protein, enough sleep, that you’re not too hypocaloric and that you’re getting good post-workout nutrition. Since you do a split, take half your Surge after one session and half at the end of the other.

Re cardio, I don’t feel that it’s the most important thing for fat loss. I believe weights will do you more good in that regard. But for health (and for fat loss) you should
get in at least three 30-minute sessions per week. I see a lot of people trying to “protect” themselves in one way or another by avoiding, say, all back exercises. But it’s the avoidance of ANY back exercise (you draw the analogy) that weakens it. I hope you’ll revisit that one, Ephedrine or not. A LOT is not necessary (and is even counterproductive), but a LITTLE will do the body good. (grin)