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Ephedra+Caffeine On Weeks Off During Clen Cycle


I have done a 2 weeks cycle on clen and i'm currently in a week off where I plan to start ephedrine+caffeine stack... I was wondering what is the dosage that you guys recommend?



Take 25mg Ephedra,200mg Caff,75mg Asprin three times a day.First dose with breakfast, last dose before 6pm.


I leave off the aspirin. Too many health risks with regular aspirin intake.

What I've done instead, is buy an ephedra-free fat burner that includes bitter orange extract, and stack it with the 25mg Ephedra/EphedrineHCL. That way you'll get the caff as well as extra appetitite supression.


thanks for the reply guys :slightly_smiling:


Is there any health risk on staking YOHIMBE with Ephedrine + caffeine, again during the off-weeks of CLEN?


You can take them together and many people have had great results with this stack. But every time i did this stack the Yoh gave me headaches and i was way too wired. Be careful and add the Yoh slowly.I found that adding Grean Tea capsules worked better for me. Hope this helps mate.


Oh! I started the ephedrine + caffein + yohimbe stack yesterday. I take only 1 tab of yohimbe in the morning and I feel wired. Its an undescrible feeling. But I dont have any headaches. I think I will be able to handle it though.


How many tabs of yohimbine per day do you suggest to consume with ephedra+caffein? and whats the best time to take it? I usually take 1 tab in the morning with breakfast but today I totally forgot...can I still take it when Ill come back home (around 5 pm) Since I planned to workout around 8p.m. maybe It might give me some extra energy?

Any advices?

Thanks guys.


I started a 2 weeks cycle of ephedrine+caffeine+yohimbine 2 days ago and I feel very tired and weak...Does anybody here ever experienced this? Is it possible to feel adverse effects on those products? (As they are supposed to act as stimulants?) I take one tab of yohimbine in the morning with ephedrine+caffeine..Is it possible that the weird effects are caused by yohimbine? any suggestions?

Thanks for help.


I have Bronkaid and I would appreciated it if you could recommend a ephedra free fat burner with the caffeine and appetite control, to go along with the 25mg Bronkaid …much appreciated