Ephedra Banned!


This sucks!

I wonder if ephedrine is included in this?

I started a thread on this, but will reply here to put my questions out on another post:

Any word to how the “drug” will be treated? Is it going to be scheduled??

Does the ban take effect immediately?

What is the shelf life?

Thanks in advance for the info.

Since Ephedrine HCL is an FDA approved drug (since 1948), is it safe to assume that products such as Mini-Thins will still be available?

This sucks…not a big fan of ephedra but wonder what they will go after next?

According to the Nutrition Business Journal, Ephedra accounts for 7 percent of dietary-supplement sales (or about $1.4 billion). Not chump change by any means.

It sounds like the herbal form of Ephedra will be banned also. Thank god the US government will protect us from ourselves, for we are weak and mindless, and cannot be held responsible for our own actions (please note sarcastic tone).

Mr. Belcher, the Orioles pitcher who died earlier while taking ephedra, will be the poster boy for the ban. His family has a lawsuit against the company (was it Xenedrine?). I’d imagine that lawsuit would be for a large dollar amount.

Another case of the dumb ass feds protecting us from ourselves.
Time to stock up if you use it or ever plan on using it.
Say goodbye to your freedom to choose and think for yourselves.

It says the rule will take effect in 60 days.

According to the article:
“The ban will become effective 60 days after the new rule is published, but the FDA gave no immediate date for publication.”

I guess ephedra is much more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. We’re lucky to have to g’ovt looking out for our health like this.

It takes place 60 days after it’s passed so stock up. Only 155 deaths linked when it was abused by millions.

Every year over 300 people die from taking too much asprin. Is Bayer™ being taken off the shelves?? FUCK NO!!

You’d think they’d have banned cigarettes about 50 years ago. However, Big Tobacco’s pockets are deep. You’d probably find a bunch of politicians in those deep pockets.

Just like the Mad Cow issue. Economics will be the ultimate deciding factor on how safe your food or drugs are.

Donder1 - I know what you mean, the Feds want to ban Ephedra, which has only killed a small amount of people, yet keep alcohol legal which has killed many. Ephedra does not have innocent victims who die because someone used it, unlike alcohol where a drunk driver can kill a car load of people with ease.

No, ephedrine is not included on this ban. The ephedra ban will not take place for about 60 days or so due to procedural issues.

One can still buy pure or synthetic ephedrine (i.e., Primatene tablets) if you wish.

I thought I was banned long ago…but I guess I had heard that they were going to do it. I had bought a shit load of ECA drinks by the case. I think they have a pretty long shelf life, i’ll check for the guy who asked.

A suitable substitute is about 2000 mg of L-Tyrosine and 30 mg of vinpocetine…at least as far as the mental boost prior to a workout is concerned.

Go buy Primateen tabs.

WAHOOOO! all i use is ephedrine anyway. Screw the herbs.

I was thinking about this - this year was the leanest I ever got, and I didn’t use ephedra!

I like to use an EC stack for waking up in the morning, something that is hard for me to do.

I recently starting taking ephedrine/caffeine in the morning, and noticed it doesn’t so much in waking me up. Could ephedra work better for this?

has anyone given thought to growing ephedra sinica?

maybe it sounds a little extreme, but I’m not an advocate of illegal drug use/ production (methamphetamines / Adderall perscriptions for ADHD I don’t have) but I do like ephedra for dieting periods/ sleep deprivation…

I’d think you could grow it yourself, especially since has it’s place in american culture/ history:
have you ever heard of Mormon Tea? (see www.google.com)

maybe this is a way to get around the recent ban,

anyone heard of Mormon tea extracts being added to the list?

The thing about growing it yourself - there are problems with overdosing it. You would would probably never know what concentration your “crop” would be yeilding. So, it could end up not working or being very dangerous to take.

Since you can still take ephedrine, you don’t have to worry.

u have a point jeff rage, but since you could possibly have enought crops to spare im sure you could experiment with enough to see the right amount needed to give you that ‘boost’. and if neone knows of anywhere to get some seeds ill grow shitloads of it and sell it. kinda like when homer simpson started puttin beer in bowling balls. lol