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Ephedra Ban Lifted?

Maybe I’m way behind. But I saw a website that is selling mau-hung and ephedrine products.

Is it back?

are they “cold” or “sinus” products?

no. In canada, you can still buy it from supplement stores since it’s still able to be sold as a nasal decongestant. but wtf is a sports supplement store doing selling nasal decongestants! :wink:

I’m not sure how it is in the states. some online retailers will still advertise them, but it is illegal to sell it as a thermogenic.

These are all over the Detroit area.

Ephedra Ban Ruled Invalid
On April 13, 2005 the 2004 Final Rule issued by the FDA banning Ephedra was overturned by a Federal Judge (Case No. 2:04CV409 TC). An appeal was filed on June 13, 2005 however it will take some time for this case to be decided. We believe it is likely that a return to the rule making process to re-write the rule according to the current law is forthcoming.

go to walgreens, they sell it 30mg tabs got 96 of them for 11 bucks. They take your info down though, pretty sure you can only buy like 1 a month or so.