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Ephedra ban imminent


The ban of the dietary supplement ephedra is expected today. I guess there was not enough political insightfullness and lobbying to give both sides of the story to the FDA and Congress.

In any event, the pure ephedrine HCL still resides safe and sound in the form of cold medicines such as Primatene tablets (ephedrine HCL 12 mg per dose). Do you think that people may use this (Primatene) with caffeine for weight loss or pre-exercise?


You can buy epherine hcl on it's own. Yes, people have been stacking it with caffeine for a long time.


dkalman, where did you read that ephedrine hcl is NOT going to be banned?


I forgot about primatene. Hell yeah. Maybe it will be still allowed. I gotta get it somehow.


you know DK... i wouldn't be surprised.

there's a bunch of crazy mofo's out there.



They want to ban ephedra because it caused over 100 deaths. I imagine if they looked over those who died, they had other underlining issues. So of course, they don't ban smoking which kills tens of thousands, instend they ban this. Tylenol kills more ever year than ephedra.

Oh well our great government at work.


I love ephedrine but I really can't say I'm against the ban. There are too many stupid young people who will just take a handful or an entire bottle of the pills thinking they're perfectly safe and experience problems. I'd say for every 2 people who understand the benefits of ephedra and how to use it there are 8 who are absolutely clueless. I'm actually surprised more people haven't died.

People like us will always be able to get our ephedrine if we want it bad enough - There's no need for it to be so easily accessible for everyone.


This morning a fat bureaucrat woke up in Washington and got himself some cold medicine. He then woke up his kid and sent him off to school where he will drink a couple of cans of Mountain Dew. He then ran off to the nearest Starbucks where he got himself a triple free range expresso (he needs that extra caffiene to get going) and heads into work. He has another cup or two at work and drinks a Coke with lunch. That afternoon he sits on a committee to ban ephedrine. He's got some extra work to do that night and he's really tired, so he decides to pop a couple of No-Doz to make sure he's awake. -- The hypocricy kills me.

I could rant on about this on and on, but I would be preaching to the choir. This just goes to prove the theory of the 7 out of 10. Seven out of 10 people are just plain stupid and have been convinced that ephedra is the next cocaine.

I would not be surprised if creatine or pro-hormones are next.


the U.G. supliers are going to make a killing.



you forgot to mention that he stopped to get gas in the morning and picked up a red bull on his way out.


Worst come to worst you could grow your own. Buy the seeds of Ephedra sinica from an online nursey, plant the seeds and harvest at your lesure.

online nursey link


This links talks about the traditional use of Ephedra sinica. In general it says that it is a safe herb when used right (at the bottom of the article).



hhhhmmmm....red bull, anyways, here's another article about the ban, http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1697145&partnersite=espn
i particularly like the last paragraph which states:
Kiley Bechler's attorney, David Meiselman, said in a statement he wasn't surprised by the government's decision, because "the scientific evidence is so overwhelming."

man I love news propaganda and all the bs that comes with it.