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Ephedra and sperm/sperm count

My wife and I are trying to get pregnant, has anyone out there heard of any problems with Ephedra affecting sperm/sperm count?

Pace…Good luck trying to get pregnant. To the best of my knowledge, you’d be the first male to do so. I’m just playing, man. But, seriously, good luck. The miracle of birth is truly remarkable.

There used to be a fella on the forums that claimed impotence due to ephedra use (or abuse). However, I’m not sure if his definition consisted of lowered sperm count or just an inability to rise to the occassion. Maybe Bill Roberts can help out here.

I will state that it should be of no surprise that you would have potential difficulties rising up. This is due to the fact that an increase in circulating norepinephrine will bind to peripheral alpha receptors, of which the male reproductive organ is abundant. Therefore, this will lead to vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in Captain Winkie. Because enhanced blood flow to your Vessel is critical in sailing at Full Attention, this latter response will cause your sail to be Limp.

Try supplementing with Yohimbine if this serves as a potential problem. I’d be interested in the response to your initial question though, Pace. And, once again, good luck!

I don’t think ephedra by its self will effect sperm count, but the normal combo of eph. caff. asprin will cause higher body temps. which will cause a decrease in the male producing sperm. Male messengers are much smaller than the female and heat will kill them quicker leaving a lower spem count and a much higher chance of having a girl. Sorry i don’t have any documention, I remember the info from a book on how to try to pick your babies sex.

Also, free ballin’ helps increase count along w/ anything else that keeps your nuts cooler and away from your body heat.

Thanks for the feedback. The overheating affecting the sperm makes sense. I suppose then, this would also apply to Hot-Rox?

I had been on ephedra nonstop for about 3 years when my wife got pregnant.

Ive usedll kinds of ephedra supplements over the past 6 yrs before my little GIRL was born