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ephedra and meth

i have been blessed with being able to live in california’s lovely central valley. more specifically, san joaquin county, 15 minutes from stanislaus county. these counties produce more meth than any other place in the entire country. mostly due to easy access to the raw materials, rural areas in which to produce, and ease of transport. last night in my hometown of manteca, police busted what they called a “meth super lab.” a lab that was capable of producing 1 million dollars worth of meth every 4 days. the kicker is that they were using ephedra tabs as part of the materials used to produce the finished product. for those who dont know that is a pretty common practice. what i want to know is with a bust of this caliber amongst all the others, how long is ephedra going to be available for us to supplement with? this along with the so called side effects of ephedra put a serious damper on one of our all time favorite bodybuilding supps. should we stock up by the boat load, or will it still remain available for a while?

Well, everyone’s been talking about ephedra being banned soon for at least the last year. When exactly? Only the governmnet (and lobbyists) know for certain. As for it being a main ingredient in crystal meth, I’d heard that back in '94 before I started to work out and just used to take the stuff recreationally. It used to be sold in gas stations and drugstores under the name Mini Thins back then. At some point it was outlawed in Ohio. I’d heard that an Ohio State football player took a ridiculous amount before a practice and had a heart attack. of course I was never able to verify that story, but it did disappear from the stores here. Strangely enough, when I started lifting a little over a year ago, I found that any of the thermogenic stacks that contain ehpedra are still sold here and I can still get the pure pills online… so I’m not sure how they eventually circumnavigated the Ohio law.
At any rate, good stuff and I’d hate to see it disappear. I take 25mg along with a cup of coffee before my workout each morning and really appreciate the boost.

don’t forget that Biotest is coming out with their new thermogenic in a few weeks, adn if its anything like some of their other products, it will work just as well as ephedra if not better.