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Ephedra and Alcohol


I'm just curious, why is it that all ECA products say to avoid alcohol?

What is the actual reason behind it?

I tried searching google but there doesn't seem to be anywhere that actually explains the science behind why you shouldn't mix the two.

(No, I'm not looking to see if you can get away with getting wasted while taking ephedra, lol, just curious)


Paul, I'll make my best GUESS. Alcohol is a depressant. Ephedrine is a stimulant. Combining both would be like stepping on the gas pedal and the brake of your car at the same time.


It will get you drunk a lot quicker. It probably has something to do with the vasodilatory effect of the ECA. This is what Cy had to say about consuming alcohol and hot rox.

As for why one shouldn't consume alcohol with a vasodilator, in layman's terms, they both cause your blood pressure to decrease and when you get a substantial decrease in blood pressure, bordering on excessive, you can experience things like dizziness or feeling light headed, or fainting. It can also cause one to feel tired and sluggish. Also, being dehydrated can further low blood pressure. I can understand where some might think that because of this effect, Hot-Rox has some sort of "intensifying" effect making the ethanol more potent but that isn't correct.