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Ephedra Alternatives

Hoping someone here can give me an answer to this question or at least point me in a direction where I can find an answer. Here’s the situation: I participate in NCAA sports and am subject to drug testing during the season. This is not a real problem since the only banned substance I use is ephedrine at times when it is highly unlikely I will be tested. I use the supplement not for any weight management issues, but because I am “addicted” to the stimulation it provides before a workout when used in conjunction with Biotest’s PowerDrive. Is there a non-banned substance that I could use that would mimic the effects of the ephedrine as used as a preworkout focus enhancer. Mr. Poliquin has made references to substitues he uses for his drug tested athletes but I can’t find where he mentions ingredients by name. On a related note, is there any effective way to “come off” ephedrine so that my workouts don’t suffer so much from its drastic discontinuation as part of my preworkout routine. I’m sure part of it is due to a placebo effect(but who cares), but the difference in focus/stimulation between my ephedra-enhanced workouts and my ephedra-free workouts is always a difficult thing to get used to. Thanks in advance for any assistance that might be forthcoming.

I believe you’re referring to acetyl l-carnitine and phosphadidylserine as the alternatives that Coach Poliquin recommends. 5-7 g. ALC and 600-800 mg. PS are “supposed” to have the same effect as 60 mg. of ephedrine according to CP. I’ve done them both, and while I don’t think the 60 mg. ephedrine thing is totally accurate, it was rather helpful, but expensive.

Read this week’s Atomic Dog. Biotest’ll be out with something soon…

Thanks for the info, but man you aren’t kidding…that is one expensive combination.

If you want a relatively cost-effective source of ALC, check out Beyond a Century. They have bulk powder that is way cheaper than the pills. They also have PS in powder form as well.