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Ephedra Addiction

Hey T-Men,

I am a newbie, and am learning lots from this board. Thanks to all to post and respond, all of the info is great! Anyways… I started popping Xenadrine before workouts about 4 months ago for a energy boost. The stuff does wonders for my energy levels. However, I’m on a massing stage right now, and am having some trouble gaining… I am gaining but more like 1/3 of a pound a week, instead of the typical pound. I’m thinking that cutting Xenadrine before workouts may help. What do you guys think? Is there something I can use to replace Ephedra… at least during my massing cycle? Thanks!

Ephedra burns fat! Its used to loose wight, not to gain! You can work harder while you are on ephedra, but I would not used it more than 1 time pr 14days! The first week comming of ephedra is not a easy week.

I realize that ephedra is used for loosing… that’s the problem. I got hooked on it when I was cutting up, and now I depend on it to boost my workouts.

Ok, first off, METALLICA ROCKS!! The greatest band of all time, good username. Ok, now that thats out of my system, I would suggest, cutting back on the ephedra slowly. Lets say you are using it every workout, 4 times a week. Slowly reduce the amount of times a week you use it until you have completely weened off of it. I would also suggest adding Power Drive to your preworkout supplementation, ALONG W/ SURGE!!! This sould help. I know what its like to be addicted to this stuff. Also what kind of workouts are you doing? If you maybe reduced the volume, the workouts wouldn’t be as hard. Just some suggestions. Hope this helps.

Thanks Sisco -> Metallica does rock! I love working out the Black album. Anyways, I workout M-W-F. Monday - Chest/Triceps, Tuesday - Biceps/Back, Friday Legs/Shoulders. All lifting heavy to exhaustion, 1 hour workouts… about 18-21 sets per workout. I’ve never used Biotest products, but will have to try some soon. I’m scared to use any pro-hormone, so I’ll stick to the other stuff, like Surge. I’ll try what you suggest about weaning off the Xenadrine. I’ve been popping 2 capsules before workouts, so I’ll see how I do with only one for a while, and then try to wean of that. Thanks guys!

Weaning yourself from ephedra is probably a good thing, but that may not be the reason for the slow in gains. Once you get past the beginners’ growth spurt, the gains slow down. You can’t expect to gain a pound a week the rest of your life, or you’ll be Mr. Olympia within couple of years.