EPA supplement in Canada

Fellow Canadians, where do you find the best deal for fish oil supplements. Which brand do you find the most cost effective. Currently I am using flax oil and EPA/DHA supplement by NOW. The supplement by NOW is expensive.
Also I just read a comment by Dr. Dean Ornish about some studies, that are not conclusive, stating flax seed oil may increase the risk of prostate cancer in men. I read this on his site WebMD.

Fish Oil Caps [EPA/DHA] and ALA are not cost effective. At least not in Canada.

What part of Canada do you live in?Here in Nova Scotia,I buy a product called Omega Gold.It has epa900mg /dha600mg per 5 grams(1 teaspoon). 4 teaspoons a day gives you 6 grams of epa/dha.A bottle lasts me about a week to a week and a half,and costs around $10.As far as the study goes,everything causes cancer according to someone or another.

I live in Ontario, I`ll keep that product in mind. Thanks

Dean Ornish is not a guy I would ever listen to. Until quite recently he subscribed to a no fat diet (that’s 0 grams/day). He also has manipulated data, leaving out many data points that don’t agree with his ideas. Kinda late to say sorry to all those with chronic insulin resistance and diabetes that he helped create. By the way, I use Dale Alexanders Emulsified Fish Oil Concentrate by Twinlab…good stuff, don’t taste half bad too.