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Biotest put far more DHA than EPA in their Flameout and Barry Sears does the opposite for his products.

Are we any clearer on the EPA or DHA debate?

I have heard that higher DHA helps with more brain inflammation and EPA helps with more body inflammation.
Word in the herd…

Well, in the Flameout description it actually states that higher DHA aids skeletal problems more than EPA. But Barry Sears states that EPA helps better generally (across a wide range of issues) when compared to DHA.

You can get it both in krill oil. Both of them are important and krill oil can give both of them. Krill oil has lots of amazing health benefits. read more here - http://krilloil.mercola.com/krill-oil.html

DHA - cognitive function (memory, attention, depression, etc)
EPA - Inflammation (arthritis, Chrohn’s, MS, etc)

so which one helps with insulin sensitivity?

[quote]talon2nr7588 wrote:
so which one helps with insulin sensitivity?[/quote]