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EOD vs E3.5D Injection Schedule


Hey fellas,

Looking for a of advice. I have been on TRT for 4 months now. I won't get into the details but initially HCG caused me a ton of problems and I got off it. During that time, I also crashed my E2 for the better part of a month.

I now inject 28mg test cyp EOD (subq into abdominal fat), equaling about 100mg per week. No AI, No HCG... have been off both of those for 2+ months now. My latest three readings are below, each taken two weeks apart. Given my frequency of injection, I can't imagine I have much of a trough.

TT 780 (348-1197) E2 17 (3-70)
TT 929 E2 15
TT 849 E2 18

E2 seems a notch too low at <20. I love that currently, I don't need an AI to manage E, but would also like it a bit higher. If I changed my schedule to 50mg E3.5D, could this raise E2 a little bit, while keeping T in the same realm? Further, does SHBG play into this at all? My SHBG, as of a few months ago, was on the higher end. One would think the slightly bigger bursts of T might cause a slightly greater conversion to E, while also positively impacting free T levels due to high SHBG.

I actually like injecting, so EOD isn't a problem for me at all. I have noticed others, like KSMAN inject EOD... just curious why and if its better/worse than E3.5D?




How do you feel ??
What would want E2 any higher for if everything is working correctly..


Well, I have been monitoring things for a long time, and know my energy, mood, and libido are much better when E2 is in the mid 20's.

I feel ok, but know it could be a little better.

I could always just increase the EOD injection dose to induce more conversion to E. I guess I just like to hear experiences from those who have done both.



Its good that you know where you stand..
I would bet if you injected twice a week then your E2 would increase..
And your overall numbers would stay smooth enough

Keep us posted !



Is your body type very lean? Maybe ripped? Or whatever BB's call it?

My Doc told me that people that are more on the lean/skinny side, that don't carry alot of excess weight, are likely to aromatase less T--E. I wouldn't take that statement as fact, I am just repeating what he told me.

I am (considered) lean as well and am not on a Al (yet), my E2 is 30. But that was when I was injecting E7D, I have recently switched to E3.5D.


I am lean/muscular, yes. Visible abs some of the time. Generally 12-14% BF or so. Injured right now so added a few lbs.

Your E2 should go down.



I would think that going to a less frequent injection would indeed bring the E2 up somewhat.


You could always watch Opra once a week, bahaha.
ok, ok, I agree, 2x a week injects should do the trick. If you prefeer, go every 4 days & see where it puts you


Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone has got good cycles for sus 250 and tren acetate stacked together.
I want to know the mg on which days I should be taking..


You are lost... try the roids forum.