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EOD Test, ED HCG: Blood Test Timing?

Doing test EOD and hcg ED. when should I do labs? thank you

well you dont really have peaks or troughs, for all intents and purposes, so it really doesnt matter.

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You always do labs after 6 weeks when adjusting protocols.

I presume my trough is on testosterone day, just prior to hcg injections, no? isnt hcg supposed estimulate the testis to produce a bit of endogenous testosterone?


thank you for your input, but thats not what I am asking

Im just saying that based on your EOD protocol, and depending on the hour you inject, there is only going to be a variation by +/-100 on your reading. If you inject on Monday at 9am then Wednesday at 8am-9am would be your trough but it wont be significantly different than Tuesday at noon.

Yes but HCG can cause problems with mood and libido.

Oh the irony of something negatively affecting libido that’s supposed to help with fertility…

spot on! thats the exact issue I am facing. no libido and hair shedding.I initially tried HCG EOD 150iu´s - libido tanked afer a few days. stopped for a couple a weeks and restarted with 100iu´s ED. libido is tanked again.

Without HCG, just 20mg EOD testosterone libido was ok, never spectacular. I only started hcg because of hormone pathway backfilling, to prevent testis atrophy and to maintain fertility. any suggestions? thks


This would indicate the T dosage needs to increase or injection frequency needs to increase, there is no reason why you should feel amazing on TRT in isolation. If your SHBG is low, daily dosing may show better results.

A lot of guys expect immediate results and do not allow time for things to work themselves out.

I presume you are saying I should give more time to my protocol with HCG, correct? my SHBG is high - 45.

I think men should attempt TRT in isolation, then add stuff later because you will be able to gauge how you feel and compare. A lot of guys feel better without HCG, because it increases estrogen which can cause mood, libido and erectile problems.

Your levels were probably not high enough on your 20mg EOD, you would need more do to SHBG on the higher end. Your Free T couldn’t have been optimal, that’s a little less than 80mg weekly.

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Yeah, no way that’s enough T. I was started at twice that and others I know with high shbg are at around 200mg/week.