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EOD Template & Rest-Pause

Would it be a sufficient training stimulus to use a heavy double rest pause set, instead of straight sets for the EOD template? Example:

Front Squat: 1X5-7+3-4+2-3

RDL: 1X5-7+3-4+2-3

Military Press: 1X5-7+3-4+2-3

Weighted chin-up: 1X5-7+3-4+2-3

As opposed to the same exercises, but with 3X5-7. The reason I ask is due to not only time constraints, but also recovery issues between workouts. 1 rest-pause set doesn’t seem to beat me up as much as doing 3 straight sets. Would that be an advisable approach, or would you recommend just dropping to 2 hard sets per movement?

Thanks in advance.

Honestly, there is some individual variation involved. But I suspect that such a set would be as effective as 3 work sets where you stop 1-2 reps short of failure.

I personally might finish the set with an isometric old at the position of highest tension for as long as possible.

Much appreciated. Thank you. I was planning to use double progression with the sets, so when I could move from 5-7 reps on the initial bout, add weight and drop back down to 5. Would this be advisable, or is there a preferred progression method? Also, would it be more ideal to rest longer between mini sets (closer to 60 seconds) to try to double your total across two, or would it be better to rest less between mini sets (closer to 30 seconds) and just keep doing mini sets until the total is doubled, irrespective of how many that takes? Thanks again for taking the time to answer, your input is invaluable.