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EOD Metering Help Request

So I got my T replacement therapy medicine in the mail and it is delivered as such:

200mg Testosterone Cyp/0.5mg ANAST and hCG 5000 units injectable.

In a previous thread we determined the best starter schedule is EOD at 28.75mg Test, 250iu hCG and 0.28mg Al

How do I meter what I have in the syringe to get as close as possible to the widely accepted EOD protocol?

I feel cheated that the Anast (?) is mixed in with the test because I dont have any room to adjust the injectable ratio myself. The hCG should be simple right? I just pull 2.5 into syringe and inject into the belly? the Test/Anast mixture I’m assuming I go into the top of the thigh, but how much to measure in those insulin syringes?

Thanks for the help

If 5000iu hCG is in 5ml BA water, inject 1/4ml or “25” on an insulin syringe.

Inject subq, not IM

Use a #29 1/2" 0.5ml or #31 5/16" 0.5ml for hCG

T mixed with anastrozole is dead wrong. If you are an over-responder, you have to toss the that and get a new compounded or separates as you will need to take 1/4th that amount after washing out for 5-6 days which is impossible with that mix. Then later to refine dose to get near E2=22pg/ml you are screwed again.

Did hCG arrive wet or dry?
Dry: did you add BA water, 0.9% benzyl alcohol?
hCG must be refrigerated.
hCG should never be shaken, so shipping wet is dead wrong.

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hCG arrived dry and a bottle of “Bacteriostatic Water”, to which they provided two large syringes and needles. I can see from the youtube video that I just pull the water out with the syringe, and inject into the powder mixture and not to shake the mixture, just roll it gently. It says it lasts two weeks in the fridge under nominal conditions.

I had a feeling I was doing something wrong here, I am going to try to go with a different TRT outfit if my TRT doctor wont prescribe me test without the anastrozole.