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EOD Injections- Starting this Week

Starting EOD injections. Seen some interesting potential benefits opposed to E3D. Anyways this is my protocol right now. Let me know what you think

Originally 160mg test E per week
Split 2x 80mg dosage

Now doing 2/7 * 160= 45 mg a day. I’m gonna stick with this for a bit and see how it is before next blood work. I feel it does seem a bit high for eod.

As far as AI I take 1mg a week. So I’ll split that per dosage I suspose to .25.

Also gonna get some 29g 1cc 1/2inch insulin syringes for Sub injection into thigh. Wondering does anyone have any good sources for these kinds of insulin syringes? I’m currently in Western Canada and haven’t been able to find any locally and am looking for quick bulk buy.

Thanks peeps!

So 45mg eod?

Bulk syringes and needles.


I think that is a lot of AI. I hope you’re keeping very close tabs on bloodwork. I do 150mg per week splitting it up 3 x (basically eod with the weekend off) and my E2 just came back at 23. No AI at all.

Hey guys. Here my blood work from 180mg E3.5 days. With .5 AI a week on days of injection. Note that I am currently doing EOD injections of 140mg a week. Potency 5ml vial of 200mg/ml.
image image

I’ve been shallow injecting 140mg EOD with .25AI a week for about 2 weeks now and am noticing some changes/sides. Firstly my facial acne has worsened along with my shoulder/ upper back acne. I am also noticing a lot more hair loss/ shedding. That being said I do feel a lot better (is that placebo cause I’ve only been EOD for 2weeks?) I know that since I’m doing EOD injections there is no need to be at a higher dosage because you sit at higher levels more consistently. I’m considering dropping from 140mg to 125mg a week EOD to see if the acne gets better. Sorry for not having blood work on EOD as I’m pressed for time right now cause I’m going on a trip to Europe soon for a month and a bit and want to find optimal protocol so I don’t have to deal with the nasty sides.

Thank you!