EOD and Preloading Syringes?

I started TRT and since I have low SHBG I would go with EOD.

So is M/W/F at 150mg/week good protocol?

And if preloading syringes is good idea? So I can preload them 50mg.

Or is it just better to store in sterile vial? Because my Test E comes in a 250mg/1ml breakable ampule so I have to use it all at once.

That’s why I’m curious if preloading syringes is good and safe idea?

I either pre load right before my shot, or I’ll do 5 or 7 at a time. I’ve never had any issues pre loading 7 and using them up. Has been totally fine.

I would preload 5 of them since 250mg/ml. Then I would store for max 2 weeks. Do you also out syringe cap on?

M/W/F dosing, 50mg each shot is what I started out on and it worked fine for me.

Awesome! I will also start with this and track my progress. Should I wait 4 weeks or 6 weeks for blood test?

I actually back fill them. I have a larger syringe I draw the testosterone into and smaller ones I use to inject.

After filling the larger syringe, I pull the plunger out of the small one, turn upside down and fill to my desired dose, replace the plunger, turn right side up…flick it a couple of times and once the testosterone rolls to the bottom, I push the plunger in to remove the air.

I never take the cap off and my needle stays nice and sharp.

6-8. Blood tests weren’t really my primary concern though. Give it 6-8 weeks and see how you feel

Oh nice I haven’t thought about this. Is there a specific reason why you do like this?

I noticed that my syringes don’t come with a cap on. So I guess I would have to buy those caps

Alright 6-8 weeks it is. And yeah I will not just chase numbers but more how I feel.

How long are you doing M/W/F?

I switched to daily scrotal cream but am probably switching back to injections soon.

It took me every bit of 7 weeks before I felt better on injections FYI. It will probably take some time.

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Does anyone notice when preloading , it’s almost like the plunger gets harder to move rather than if you did it rite before and inject . Does the plunger swell up or something ? I’ve definitely noticed that it’s really smooth to move the plunger after you backfill it rite away but after it sits a few days it gets tough … any suggestions ?

About plunger. This is response I got from reddit:

“If your testosterone has benzyl alcohol in it (which most do) then you shouldn’t store it in insulin syringes with a rubber plunger because the alcohol dissolves the rubber and you don’t want to inject this into your body.”

Can anyone confirm?

I’ve been doing just that for over a year and I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects.

What should I look for as a side effect of injecting dissolved rubber?

I thought I recalled @johann77 mentioning that potential issue before but may have remembered the wrong user.

I use insulin syringes for sub q injections. It’s faster to back load and keeps those little needless real sharp so I don’t feel my injections.

Yes I agree on keepin it sharp etc but I def feel the resistance in the plunger of preloaded for a few days . I would assume this can’t be good , plus I just was informed on another forum that a medical professional says never inject an insulin syringe that’s been loaded for over 24 hours

I wish I would knew what kind of side effects could happen

I suppose I’ll have to just pre fill in the day if injection. Interesting. Thanks for the info.

I guess that storing in a sterile vial like this is good or?


I would just preload that day or load and inject , deteriorated rubber can’t be good … just saying