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After seeing a commercial on TV for enzyte touting it as an erectile enhancer, I checked out enzyte.com to see what the ingredients are: the ones I recognized are tribulus terrestris, avena sativa, and saw palmetto. They charge $99.95 for a month’s supply. I’m not sure enzyte offers any advantages over Tribex which is alot cheaper. Anybody use enzyte?

I’ve never even heard of enzyte, but I know that Tribex really gets you pumped up in more ways than one. Especially at first. If you can, compare the tribulus content between the 2 products and see which has more. What about that Testro Gel? Check out the Tribex from Biotest or if your a little bolder Mag-10 or the new 4AD-EC.

They don’t say how much of each ingredient is in there so it’s hard to compare to Tribex. I was just curious if anyone’s used it and what kind of results they got…