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some pro-hormone Q’s that maybe bill or someone else can answer. If I remember cortectly dione’s (nor or andro) convert via the 3hd enzyme and diol’s convert via the 17hd enzyme. now since we have a limited amount of each is there any way to increase the ammount of either? I know 1-ad is supposed to be “7x’s as strong as test” but how does it convert to 1-test (thru which enzyme)?Also what is the diff. between 1-ad and a1-e (I think it is just different names by different companies)? and by what method does 4-ad-ec convert? the point of these Q’s is to know what can or should be mixed with what, ie; if, for example, 1-ad converts via the 17hd enzyme (I don’t know I’m just useing as an ex.) then I would avoid any diol pro-hormones while I was trying a 1-ad sup. etc…

anyone? amyone???

The diones convert via 17bHSD. They are inactive until converted.

The diols convert via 3bHSD. 4-AD and nor-4-AD
are intrinsically active, not requiring conversion, so you get activity both from that which converts and that which doesn’t. As for 1-AD, either it has extremely low conversion and moderate intrinsic activity (substantially less than 4-AD or nor-4-AD) or has moderate conversion and no or almost no intrinsic activity.

17b-hydroxy-androst-1-ene-3-one, called by us androst-1-ene and deceptively by some others “1-testosterone”, does not require conversion. The best values are 2 to 3.6 times as potent as testosterone, not seven times.

1-AD is not androst-1-ene but rather a diol with the double bond in the 1 position.

A1-E is the ethylcarbonate ester of androst-1-ene.