I was born and diagnosed with cystik fibrosis, one of the effect of CF is the unability for my pancreas to digest enzymes, so I have to take pills in order to digest food… Now i’m not trying to creat a sob story, however I want to know if I can use this to my advantage…

Because I live in Canada, my alberta government pays for the majority of my dijestive enzlymes… On a usualy meal I take 4… Now say, i was to take 8, would this HELP the protein be digested even better then an average person???

I hope someone here knows this question… It’s a real toughy…

It would depend on whether the label dose of the particular product were good in the first place. It would be possible that a crummy brand might not be.

But in general, I’d expect you to be getting full effect from 4 capsules of any product.

So you couldn’t get more effect from more capsules.

You could always try the experiment, but probably you’re already getting full effect.