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Environmentalist Short Film


Ahh eco-fascism, dont you love it.


This was a real video made by some 10/10 enviro group.


well as they say: all pr is good pr :stuck_out_tongue:


Not going to speak out against this radicalism are you?


that was freaking hilarious, way to get taken seriously


you meen I am not going to speak up against this moralism.

well I am no big fan of the the moralistic enviromentalist for a couple of reasons:

  1. they are always making it the average guys responsiblility to fix the climate problems. instead of making big bussines and government taking responsibility over their actions in regards to climate problems etc.

  2. they often want to raise salestaxes to beat the climate problems. again its the working man who are taking the responsibility for the problem. this makes the environmentalist gang unsocial and moralist.

  3. as you have pointed out jhon, its misantropy and autoritarianism lurking in the shadow of the enviromentlist gang.

but this video is actually showing some selfirony. how can I be critical towards that?


I wonder, if it had been the other side of the isle that put this up if you would be saying the same thing.


Typical enviro-whacko logic; "fall in line or we will kill you." I like how this is all being talked about like it's "Just the funny! No harm, no foul! Lighten up! Why so serious?" when this is clearly advocating violence against those that aren't in lock-step with the global warming bullshit. This is a border-line terrorist threat in my opinion. Yeah, I really think so - come and kill me.

I wonder what the backlash would be if someone made a counter to this stupid video. Like if one of these psychos asked you to change your lifestyle to fit their sick agenda - and then you lop his head off with a chainsaw. Someone ought to so that.


well it did not, so who knows what my reaction would have been.

for the record two things:

  1. the violence of the clip was disturbing, but I am a puzzy when it comes to blood and humans exploding regardless of the message.

  2. I believe that human action is responsible for the global warming, but I am not a big fan of the green movement because of the reasons I listed above. remember I am not green, but red.


Let's see if you can laugh at this. These idiots are taking this seriously and they are going to wreck your life because of it.


Well, most people when they see people getting blown up when it comes to something political tend to get mad/turned off to the message

And too your second point, you really think that man in his what less then 200 years of industry is really responsible? I mean when you take a look at the number they are trying to reduce in terms of what is out there it is so miniscule it's laughable. And that's not even getting into the fact that under more CO2 plants actually get bigger and produce more. And that the earth has had much warmer periods then today.

But that is taking the topic to a place I do not wish this thread to go. Lets just stick with that so far we have seen an enviro nut hold the discovery channel hostage, and now we are seeing clear threats against people who do not buy into it.


how is it this going to wreck my life? I dont live in britain and how on earth are anys life going to bee wrecked becuase the different state departments are run in a more green way. it problably going to meen that they shift from regular lightsbolbs to a more green variation.


I am no scientist john, so I dont know if plants get bigger by co2.
are you a scientist?

but since the co2 have increased in the same time humans started to drive cars, trains, airplanes, overproduce, have wars with cars, airplanes, bombs etc etc. you dont think it is logical to suspect that the global warming have something to do with our species behavior.

but anyway if you are right, or I am right, its not dumb that technology and other aspect of society becomes more eco-friendly.


for your first point.

The second point, nothing wrong with being more eco-friendly. But forcing people to be eco-friendly is wrong. People like to live in nice places, thus technology will grow around that. Demand will create a supply.


I'll admit it, I lold.


Caveman101 who I quoted lives in England so it is totally relevant to him. But it is also relevant to the rest of us. What the government of Britain is saying in this video is that they are totally convinced that global warming is occurring, it is man made and government needs to be enacting policy to do doing something about it.

Fluorescent light bulbs filled with mercury vapor that will get broken and end up in landfills are not going to be as green as they are trying to lead us to believe.

It was a British institution that last year was exposed to be deliberately falsifying global warming data in order to influence government policy. Despite this revelation the government has proceeded with the global warming agenda as if the facts don't matter.

There is another agenda going on here, that has nothing to do saving the planet.


Do I need to be a scientist to know that there are CO2 emmiters in greenhouses and that 60% of all dry plant mass is made from CO2?



maybe not my best line of thougt so far, I see the funny.

but my point was that I dont know much about naturscience, so I cant judge if orion or john are right or wrong. btw I have never heard about that co2 makes plants grow faster before.
and a youtube video does not convince me.

but when you talk about common sence: how does eco-friendly policy = fascisme/totalitarianism. I dont see the link. what I see is rightwing hysteria.


I can understand you dilemma so I have consulted a higher authority on plant growth to show you that Co2 can help increase yields.



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My next point would be that the American founding fathers told us that we should always be vigilant in defense of our freedom. When global warming advocates such as Al Gore or President Obama are openly discussing global governance then we see the EU going full tilt for it we have good reason to be concerned. Global government is a terrible threat to our freedom. When power is increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people will not be in the best interests of humanity.

The EU is a prime examples of how bad these supranational governments can be. The EU is widely acknowledged to be undemocratic and unwanted. Despite those facts it continues not only to exist, but to seize and expand it's powers. Supranational government is a recipe for corruption and authoritarianism.

Global warming is a ruse. What is being done has nothing to do with being eco-friendly.If it was we wouldn't have bullshit scams like carbon credits and carbon trading. This is just another name for redistribution of wealth from the first world to the third world with a handful of connected wealthy people cashing in.

Think about this. What sense does it make to penalize energy users in the first world with carbon taxes but then take that money and give it to third world dictators? If carbon emissions in the first world truly were a problem, the thing to do would be to use that money here in the first world to reduce our output.