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Enviro wackos paying the price out east

Well the hens are coming home to roost out in the mid east/northern section of usa today. Along with the coinciding parts of canada.

Sucks too that people thought that conservation ONLY was the best policy for meeting power generation needs.

Look at that bloody mess it’s causing. Just imagine the financial impact of that whole thing, and this is just the beginning.

Yes, im talking about the massive power outage in the niagra falls regional grid area. And I believe it’s fricken nuts to run a grid such as that at almost full load all the time because people don’t want new power plants or more transmission lines.
Trying to meet ever increasing demand by just running a gambit of conservation programs and various load shifting schemes is just an accident waiting to happen, and I can see why the people “in the know” in that area are not surprised that it did finally happen.

Sorry for all those out there, not a fun deal to say the least.

I think I’m gonna have to agree. I think alot of the alternative power sources should be used. I’ve heard the Swiss get a ridiculous amount of their power from giant windmills…that apparently kill alot of birds but hey at least you get lights and tv. :wink: