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Entry Level Banking

Hello to all,

I’m looking to find an entry level banking position. This position needs to be part-time and open to those without a degree.

For example, I recently found a position as a “Branch Account Sales Representative”. This seems like the perfect position for me; It’s part time, doesn’t require a bachelors (only 2+ years of post secondary), and is largely commission based.

To quote the job description itself -

" The Branch Account Executive (BAE) position is an entry-level role with a primary focus on sales and sales administration of loans and insurance products. The vast majority of time at work is spent presenting loans, real estate products and insurance products to potential and existing customers. Another part of the role is processing applications, cultivating new and repeat business from internal and external clients, scheduling loan closings and meeting pre-determined sales goals. "

This is the kind of position that I would love to land.

Some background on myself -

22y/o male, attending university, commerce, 3rd year, focus on accounting and finance.
Last job was as a supervisor at a liquor store. Before that I sold T.Vs at Sears. I have also worked in bankruptcy with my father(bankruptcy trustee) - I attended meetings, wrote letters, responded to emails, did the postings, etc. Pretty much like a “jack of all trades” secretary or personal assistant.

I’m coming to the boards hoping to get some advice from someone who works in banking and can tell me exactly how to tailor my resume and cover letter to appeal to someone in HR at a major bank.

Another thing I have to my name - I started a small company while attending school selling a drinking game to the liquor stores in the local area. In the end it wasn’t much of a success but I sold over 100 units and made my money back. In the process I learnt a great deal about business - collaboration, negotiation, team work, sales, etc… I think this shows some sort of initiative, especially given my age. I want to somehow incorporate this into my cover letter/resume and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to go about this.